Cardano: ‘Dress rehearsal’ for hard fork succeeded, Shelley still on track

With only two and a half weeks left until the combinator hard fork on July 29th, perhaps the most important step in Shelley’s launch on the mainnet of Cardano is within reach. In an update published yesterday, IOHK has informed that the hard fork is still on track. A new testnet was created last week, based on the candidate for the public mainnet.

The purpose was to put the combinator hard fork to the test again. Up to now the test has only been performed in an “internal lab environment”. In this respect, the new test was an important step…

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On July 1, a node equipped with Shelley upgrade components was deployed onto the mainnet. By the month’s end, on July 29, the changes will be implemented on Cardano’s network through a hard fork.

The new Shelley upgrade has had a significant impact on the ADA price because of its staking system. Cardano is a proof-of-stake network, which means there are no miners. Users, who run nodes, maintain the network by staking ADA. In return, users benefit from the reward system of Cardano.